GE Marine diesel engine certified EPA T4

GE Marine’s 12V250 marine diesel engine has received EPA Tier 4 certification, meeting NOx emission requirements through its non-Selective Catalytic Converter (SCR) technology, which requires no urea-based after-treatment.

The company said it is also working towards Tier 4 and IMO Tier III certification for further models incorporating non-SCR technology, including its 16-cylinder V250 and 8-cylinder L250 marine diesel engines.

“Achieving this certification validates our unique ability to meet Tier 4 emissions requirements without the disadvantages of after-treatment,” said Afra Gerstenfeld, general manager of GE Marine. “Our non-SCR solution provides substantial operational benefits over urea-based solutions for the workboat marketplace.”

GE cited a Jensen Maritime study which found that its urea-free solution takes up a quarter of the engine room space, and weight, of a competitor’s technology requiring use of urea. There are also space savings from eliminating the need for urea storage and equipment onboard, or at dockside support infrastructure.

As reported, the 12V250 non-SCR model completed emission testing for EPA Tier 4i and IMO Tier III in the first half of 2013.

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