Moteurs Baudouin launch new range high speed marine engines.

Moteurs Baudouin has launched a new range of six- and 12-cylinder high speed marine engines. The new six-cylinder inline 6M26.3 engine has a 15.9 L displacement, while the 12-cylinder vee configuration 12M26.3 engine is 31.8 L. The engines deliver from 441 to 1214 kW (591 to 1628 hp) at rated speeds of 1800 to 2300 rpm.

Both engines are designed to achieve the most economical marine power in term of fuel saving as well as continuous power optimized time between overhaul. The M26.3 is specifically dedicated to the marine and inland shipping propulsion applications as well as onboard auxiliary power.

Moteurs Baudouin, a company of the Weichai Power group, said the M26.3 marine engine family offers full service accessibility and user friendly technology such as electronic injection redundancy.
The M26.3 will be approved by the Classification Societies Association members and be compliant with all applicable marine and inland shipping exhaust emission regulations. IMO Tier 3 and EPA Tier 4 solutions will include SCR technology with performing fuel consumption. The M26.3 has successfully completed its durability test and has started the external certification phase.



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